The Cost of Web Design (a.k.a. Pay Peanuts, Get Monkeys)

We are often asked: “How much does a website cost?” Although the question seems simple, the answer isn’t. The reason that it’s difficult to answer is because there are so many factors to take into account.  For example, we ask a client: How many pages do you need?  Do you require web hosting?  Are you planning on selling products/services in an online shop?  Is this an advertising site, with ordering by phone or email?  Do you want us to maintain the site or will you take that on yourself, with a Content Management System?  Will you supply the content or do you need help generating it?

As some web designers often comment, “How long is a piece of string?

Sometimes, after giving details of their requirements and receiving a quotation, we hear: “My mate/cousin/next door neighbour/milkman knows someone who can do that for forty quid…”  (Grace Smith has a wonderful blog post that explains exactly why web design doesn’t cost £40.)

While it is possible to get a website created for next to nothing, professional web design doesn’t work that way.

Your website is often the first thing your potential customers will see.  It is vital to make a good impression.  As we point out on our home page, your website is your 24/7 shop window and sales team.  If you are running a business, you can’t afford a website that provides a poor impression to your potential clients.

Your web presence is an investment, and it is well worth spending a little extra now to ensure that it is well-built, instead of spending more later on to fix it up.  As the old saying goes, if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

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