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ZuZu Web Solutions | Web Design Northern Ireland | About Us

ZuZu Web Solutions was established in the Spring of 2012 in Saintfield, Co. Down. Our team members have more than 16 years experience of building websites, as well as a portfolio of skills that includes software QA testing and website content generation among others.

Our aim is to provide high standard, cost effective web packages to businesses in the Down area and beyond in order to allow them to grow and to maximise their potential. Thus far, while we have concentrated on establishing a client base in the locality and in the Greater Belfast area, we have also attracted clients from the Irish Republic and from the United States.

ZuZu Web Solutions | Web Design Northern Ireland | About Us

A significant part of ZuZu Web Solutions’ commitment to providing our clients with a high quality web presence is our use of Standards Based Web Design. This means that we build sites that conform to a set of standardised best practices for building websites and for “clean code” which will display correctly across a range of browsers, devices and operating systems. Whether your preferred browser is Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera or Safari we intend our websites to be accessible to you.

There are many benefits to a standards-based approach. One that becomes clear very quickly is increased web visibility; standards-based pages have less unnecessary code, so search engines such as Google or Bing are able to scan and understand their content more easily. The content itself is more easily updated and changes to the look & feel of the site can be implemented almost instantly. With a wide and increasing range of software to access the internet on Smartphones, PDAs, Tablets and other devices, it is becoming increasingly important to use responsive design, which a standards based approach ensures. Together with shorter load times, a standards-based approach has the benefit of improved accessibility. This can even help open up the Web to people with disabilities.

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